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Frog was founded on the needs of one man looking for farm fresh produce for his restaurant in the 1970's.  He discovered several other restaurant owners and chefs were experiencing the same issues – lack of fresh, local produce.  Shortly after, Rick Peshkin had a nice little business on his hands; shopping the farms every morning, hand selecting the best tasting produce he could find for himself and a few other restaurants.  Nearly 40 years later, Frog Holler Produce is still rooted in the belief that there's nothing better than farm fresh produce.


We're located in Detroit, MI and currently serve Ann Arbor, Metro-Detroit, Lansing, and Grand Rapids.  We source the largest variety of locally grown produce available, and have a dedicated team who are passionate about produce and taking care of your needs.  Stop on by our warehouse or give us a call and experience the Frog Holler difference!




General Manager




Direct Purchasing




Produce Specialist & Chef

Grand Rapids



WHY FROG? We pride ourselves on premium produce, and service that’s second to none. But what sets Frog apart from the other guys is our passion for providing the very best produce available - exactly the way you want it.



 Frog's driving passion is partnering with customers who truly care about their produce, and everything we do is geared to serve those with the highest expectations. Whether it's a particular variety, size,  ripeness or specialty item our customers seek, we source our products with your particular needs in mind. It’s this customized attention to detail that sets Frog’s quality apart.


For over 40 years, we have been dedicated to providing our customers with the largest assortment of locally grown produce Michigan has to
offer. We partner with Michigan-based growers to offer our customers options all year round.


Most distributors claim "quality and service," but what sets Frog apart from the other guys is our dedicated team of produce specialists. Each employee is extensively trained in product knowledge, food safety procedures, up-to-date market information and a customer-first mentality. From Delivery Driver to General Manager, we talk, touch and taste produce all day long. Our customers expect more from Frog Holler, so we expect more from our team of produce specialists.

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Who are our customers? Our customers are restauranteurs who were probably content with the level of quality and service from their previous distributor, but looking for a little more. Often times it’s a wider variety of local produce, sometimes it's more consistent quality or personalized service.


In the end, our customers are chefs and owners who truly care about the produce they serve their customers. We aim to form true partnerships with our customers so we can provide the freshest produce, exactly the way you want, exactly when you want it.


If you prefer to call your order in, you can talk to one of our office staff during any of the office hours, otherwise you can leave a voicemail at 313-972-2800 and it will be processed by our overnight crew. If emailing is your style, you can send it to


Either method you choose, we ask that your order be in by 8:00pm
for delivery the following day.


For special orders, including organics and non-produce, the more lead time the better, as they may not be items we normally stock. We can get in organics every day, and have numerous resources for any specialty items, be it produce or other. However, the best way to get the quickest turnaround on these items is to call or email us so that we can fully understand your needs, and we will get right on it! Pricelists are available weekly, just let us know what day works best for you to receive them!



If you'd like to stop by and pick up product, we are available during normal business hours.

Please call an hour ahead with notice so our staff can have your order ready when you arrive.


You can call our office to place orders for delivery and talk to one of us, up to 3pm Monday through Friday and up to Noon on Saturday. Any calls after 3pm will be directed to our voicemail but will be received by our overnight staff to be delivered the following day.

Our minimum order for wholesale clients is $200.00 per order for a delivery.


Business Hours:

Monday-Friday: 7am-3pm 

Saturday: 7am-Noon 

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