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The products found below are not a comprehensive list of our offerings.

Please Contact Us with product specific questions. 

Popular Produce

Unique, Specialty & Exotic Produce

Fresh Herbs & Microgreens

MICROGREENS | Rainbow Green • Cilantro • Basil • Pea Greens • Flowers • Ruby Radish

Intensity Mix • Sparkler Radish • Fire Stix • Mint • Chervil • Wasabi • and More!

HERBS |  Cilantro • Dill • Wheatgrass • Watercress • Thai Basil • Chervil • and More!

Natalies Logo

Fresh Squeezed Juices

As fourth-generation Florida citrus growers, Natalie's features the freshest, clean label juice on the market. Each order is handcrafted in small batches, freshly squeezed each week and pasteurized at the minimum time and temperature to ensure the quality and freshness of each ingredient. 


Available Flavors:

Lime • Lemon • Orange • Grapefruit • Lemonade • Blood Orange • Margarita Mix

Dairy Products

Guernsey Logo

As a third generation, family-owned dairy company since 1940, Guernsey Farms Dairy is committed to the highest quality, wholesome dairy products. Based in Northville, Michigan, Guernsey takes pride in being one of Michigan's longest-running family-owned dairy processors. Featuring: Buttermilk & Heavy Cream.

Our Products

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