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We keep you fully informed on our local items including the farms they are grown on and the area of Michigan they come from. 



We stay informed and want to make sure you do as well. We will keep you updated with pertinent information needed to help keep your business running smoothly.  


Contact the office for more             information!


We are a locally grown company.  For over 40 years, we have been dedicated to providing our customers with the largest assortment of produce Michigan has to offer. We partner with Michigan-based growers to bring you the best options, year round. If it's grown in Michigan, and is a quality product, we actively seek to source it. In limited-growing season, we source product directly from other growing regions to ensure freshness and food safety. In addition, our buyer walks the Detroit Produce Terminal every day to expertly select the freshest product, in the best condition for our customers.  

From kitchen basics to the exotic specialties, we are capable of sourcing essentially any ingredient our customer desires. We source both common and unique specialty items direct from L.A., Miami, Chicago and New York City on a weekly basis. We also stock or have access to a full offering of Organics, Retail Packs, Processed, Cheeses, Dairy, Herbs, Mushrooms, & Nuts.

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