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  • NEW: Hedgehog and Brown Beech Mushrooms, Purple Potatoes,  Cara Caras,   Blood Oranges, Meyer Lemons, Wax and Fava Beans

Food Safety is extremely important to us and we know it is to you as well. That’s why Frog Holler has implemented a HACCP plan to assure you that the highest standards of food handling are being utilized

Over 30 years of servicing Ann Arbor as it's only local produce team, providing kitchen basics to exotic varieties, with a customer first approach. 

Winter Citrus: More than just tasty
The vitamins, fiber and minerals in citrus a have important health benefits! Soluble fiber in oranges helps cleanse the body of excess cholesterol. Vitamin C prevents the build up of free radicals, which have been linked to cancer and heart disease. Vitamin A, which oranges are high in, helps protect the eyes. And potassium helps keep a heart healthy and beating regularly.


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